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Are you too a soulful wanderer who wishes to explore every corner of the world and enjoy the remarkable beauty of our planet? From sharing your own travel story to tips and tricks for travel bugs and beginners as well as the miraculous travel facts about different places through extensive research, you can submit your write-ups and get featured on our page. Travel Facts is a website for people who love to travel and want to know more about the places fruitful to the eyes.

With our Guest Posting feature, we enable everyone who wishes to connect with the world and share their stories and spread the love of traveling. You can be anyone sitting anywhere, doing anything you want, and yet, be a part of your huge, ever-growing community.

Guidelines for Guest Posting at Travel Blog

To get selected as a guest poster, these are the guidelines you need to follow.

  • Topic

When it comes to travel, there are a plethora of topics you can cover. Your topics may include your own stories and experiences, travelogues, “places to visit”, hacks of traveling, newcomer travel guide, etc. You are welcome to come up with new ideas that align with our niche.

  • Length

The maximum length of your article should not exceed more than 3000 words minimum 600 words. Therefore, make sure to write in an engaging way to encourage the readers to keep reading.

  • Niche/Category

Our categories include all travel-related ideas, culture, regional festivities, food, hotel and place review, vacation, etc.

  • Images and External Links

To make your article more engaging and standard, we would recommend you add high-resolution, copyright-free images. You can add images that you have clicked during your travel. If you are taking images from the internet, make sure that they are of high quality and free of copyright.

  • Plagiarism and Copyright

Your article must not be published anywhere else. In our terms and conditions, it is clearly mentioned that your article will be denied if it a copy-pasted content.

What can you write for us?

Your guest post article can include anything in the following niches/category’s:

  • Travel Tips
  • Activities
  • Things to Do
  • Destinations
  • Accommodation
  • Places to visit
  • Travel Resources
  • Food

How to write an article?

We do not have any particular format in which you are bound to write your article. It can be in any format you want, as long as it is easy to read, plagiarism-free, and not too short or too long.

However, we recommend that you must divide your article into three parts:

●    Introduction

●    Body

●    Conclusion

How to submit your article?

You have to submit your article by mailing it to our email- rajhus24@gmail.com for pricing and terms. Once your article is reviewed and approved by our editorial team, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to get these three things checked:

  • Your article should be in MS Word or Google Docs format
  • Add the pictures separately as attachments and not in the article itself.

The length of your article is crucial. Your article should not be too long or too short. Be clear and correct with the information you provide. If you are adding addresses or prices, make sure that your sources are verified. Add images to make the article catch.

The keywords you use should be properly marked so that people have a clear idea about what they are reading. Do not use many complicated words and sentences. Make your article reader-friendly. Criticisms and negative reviews about a place are accepted as long as you refrain from insulting a place or person and using explicit language.


  • We do not accept low quality content.
  • Below 1000 words content not accepted.
  • Article’s must have H1, H2, H3 and minimum one FAQ.
  • Rewrite content or already exist in Google search result topics not accepted.
  • At the end of the content you should attach the Plagiarism and AI Content report.

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